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Hello, all! If you’ve made it to this site, first, I thank you! Second, even though I am not keeping up my personal site on a regular basis as I had been, I am contributing and editing regularly at The Progressive Press. Please visit the “My Work With The Progressive Press” tab on this site, where you can see all items published there, and, be sure to click over to our site and like, follow and share (aside from our main website, we are on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube). You may of course also still subscribe to itsnotrhetorical to be sent notifications when something is published separately here, and, you can also find me on Twitter: @KLnotrhetorical

Many, many thanks for the support!

“All the people like us are we, and everyone else is They.”

Rudyard Kipling

Welcome!  My goal for this site is that it be a space where people of all stripes feel free – compelled – to discuss the relevant, tough, least-talked-about, trivial, taboo, uncomfortable, new and exciting, why’s-nobody-talking-about-this-anymore, why-haven’t-they-mentioned-this-at-all and everything in-between topics.  In a respectful and meaningful way.

I have always believed in rational debate (emphasis rational) and discussion with those whom you do not necessarily agree.  In at least trying to understand one another.  In fact, I think it is essential to engage on that level in a democracy.  I consider this blog a sort of test tube effort, to see if that rational debate may still exist.  I hope you will feel free to share, question, think, expand, challenge, agree and disagree with what you see here; I believe there can be an honest exchange of ideas and words, of open communication – beyond November 6, 2012.                        

Above all, it is my hope that if you visit, you do so with an open mind.

K.L. Johnson
Studio City, California
November 2, 2012

copyright © 2013 all rights reserved

  1. Nancy B permalink

    Love the blog Kay. Looking forward to more comments and dialogues.
    Abrazos fuertes.

  2. Zeese Papanikolas permalink

    Dear Kay,

    Congratulations on your blog! You are a terrific and fun writer and I think will open up a great conversation. There was a lot of love and respect in what you said about your home town and that – at least the respect part – is where we all have to start if we are going to have a real political conversation and not just rant at each other. Everyone has seen the over-the-top responses to Obama from some people who call themselves “conservatives” (I wonder, by the way, if they really have looked up the definition of that noble word?). But there’s a “letter to the red states” floating around the internet that two or three friends and acquaintances have forwarded to me that I’ve been thinking about. Maybe you’ve seen it. It goes something like this, okay, red states, if you don’t like being joined to us blue states, just leave. We will get 98 % of the venture capital, you’ll get Chic Filet (I’m giving you the drift of the “letter,” not the exact contents), we’ll get Harvard and Yale and you’ll get Ol’ Miss, etc. I laughed when I read the “letter” the first time, and assume the people who sent it to me thought it was funny too, but I got to thinking about it and how smug and arrogant it was. It is this liberal self-satisfaction that I think a lot of red-staters respond to with their own arrogant rants. We need to get beyond our isolation, both red and blue if we are ever going to have a serious conversation rather than just continuing to toss bombs at each other across the trenches.

    Best wishes to you and the blog,


    • Zeese – I agree, for the most part. Nothing more makes your point than the President and Gov. Christie working together and co-existing in the wake of Sandy and the shit-storm of criticism that followed, especially directed at Christie, because red and blue worked TOGETHER. Isn’t this what our government is FOR? Isn’t this the way governors used to behave vis a vis the President? Not anymore – sad, indeed. But hey, Jersey is one of the 30+ states wanting to secede so…..maybe they ought to think about how many of their citizens are suffering and what sort of help will be there next time if there is no Fed – no Coast Guard, no Red Cross, nothing (I’m putting together a post re: this in the larger context, but it really gets me upset because these secessionists have no damn clue what they would actually get in a “separation”.

  3. Karen permalink

    Congratulations on a terrific new blog! Your post from yesterday, “They, That One and Me”, was exceptionally thoughtful, entertaining and provocative. Of the many ideas worthy of comment in your post, one jumped out at me, in particular leading up to this election, that is, the idea that those of us who are LGBT, or, who care deeply about the continued sustainability of Roe v. Wade, are so-called “single issue” voters. That may be true, but it begs the question for anyone whose fundamental rights are not under imminent assault. I was never a single issue voter on marriage equality, not until my right to marry the person I love in the state I have lived in all my life became illegal. I was never a single issue voter on abortion, until the rights of women to control their bodies and thus their autonomy came to be dependent upon the next Supreme Court appointment. I so appreciated that you discussed this in your post and can’t wait for more – good luck and lots of love!

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